Do you sell the UGG Australia ® sheepskin boots?

Australian manufacturers get this question regularly and the answer with regards to Jumbo Ugg Boots is NO! Jumbo Ugg Boots sell their own products, manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. It is a brand of sheepskin footwear called “Jumbo Ugg” which is not affiliated to the US company that own the UGG Australia brand – called Deckers. Jumbo Ugg Boots also sell other styles of footwear under their other brands which are made overseas. The product description clearly shows which products are Australian made and which aren’t. Look for the green and gold tag for peace of mind.

Our other affiliated suppliers only sell the brands they deal in themselves.

The word Ug,Ugh,Ugg has been associated with a style (not brand)of footwear for many years in Australia so you will find many people advertising ug,ugg or ugh boots. The word ugg is found in the Macquarie Dictionary. Most of the UGG Australia production occurs in China and not in Australia.

Do not be fooled! If you want genuine sheepskin, ugg/ugh/ug boots buy the ones made here in Australia!!!!!!!! To learn more visit the Australian Sheepskin Association.

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