About Us

We are a small family concern who have been manufacturing and selling sheepskin products for around 35 years. At the end of 2012, we decided the time had come to finish manufacturing and go into semi-retirement. Given we still love the business and want to continue to be involved in some way, we have decided to promote various things.

We are one of the longer-term e-commerce proponents having had a website advertising our wares since 1996. As the web has grown, we have grown too, with the website undergoing many face-lifts until the version you see now. Through all these years, we have maintained some of the more traditional qualities of selling – being the provision of good old-fashioned service and quality products and we are proud to pass the baton to these other companies who also provide these qualities.

Kind Regards

Bruce and Bronwyn McDougall
Proprietors – UGGS-N-RUGS®