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Welcome to this FAQ brought to you by UGGS-N-RUGS® – leaders in quality, Australian sheepskin products since the 1970’s. 

How do you keep sheepskin products clean? Washing instructions.

Firstly, you could apply a special waterproofing agent for leather. Jumbo Ugg Boots sell a brand called UGG Water & Oil Repellent spray. Similar products can usually be bought at any good shoe retailer or boot-maker. This helps to keep dirt and grime to a minimum as well as waterproofing the footwear. Be aware though, that once your footwear get wet, you need to apply another coat after they have dried.

Secondly, you can wash your double faced sheepskin footwear – but do it carefully. But first, what is double faced sheepskin? It is proper, genuine sheepskin with the wool of the skin on one side and the skin on the other side. The wool is not laminated onto a leather. Just as you would do with a woollen jumper (wool pull-over sweater), hand wash in cold to luke warm water. NOT hot water. Use a “mild” wool detergent. We emphasise mild wool detergent because not all wool detergents are mild. Jumbo Ugg Boots sell one called UGG Sheepskin Double Face Shampoo. You might use an old toothbrush to help in the washing process. Once you have washed and rinsed the footwear, place them in your washing machine and put it on a spin cycle for a few minutes just to get rid of the excess water. You should then place the footwear in the shade outside to dry. If this is not possible, then put them inside to dry but AWAY from any direct heat such as a fire or heater. As with any wool product, any form of heat will “shrink” the shoes. No heat, no heat, no heat …..

You will notice once the footwear have dried that they have shrunk slightly but this is normal. After wearing them for an hour or so, they will go back to the normal, warm and comfortable state you are used to and at the same time, be clean.

Thirdly, if you find you have a grease stain on your sheepskin footwear, while they are dry, try rubbing some white chalk over the stain and leaving it for a few minutes. Then, using the bottom of your hand or your thumb, gently rub the stain. Repeat this a few times until the stain has disappeared. If a stain is being extremely stubborn try rubbing some fine sandpaper “lightly” over the stain. You have to be exceptionally careful with sandpaper as it is likely to take some of the dye away in the process.

Lastly, sometimes you can get what we call “spotting” where the footwear have come into contact with a few drops of water. You can usually eliminate this by folding the footwear onto itself, that is skin against skin, and gently rubbing it together.

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Can I wear my sheepskin footwear in the rain or snow?

Sheepskin is quite resistant to getting totally wet. You can get caught in a shower with your sheepskin boots, and on the outside they will appear considerably wet but on the inside you are warm and cosy. This is because not only does the rain have to soak through the thick skin, but it must also penetrate the 5mm (or more) wool on the inside. If you leave them somewhere away from direct heat (and more rain) they will dry naturally.

However, sheepskin is a soft leather and as such can not withstand rainy, snowy or slushy conditions for very long. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Some competitors claim that sheepskin (remember – it’s a soft leather) can withstand rugged conditions but all your are likely to do is get them snagged and end up with a hole in them. If you want to go hiking, choose a proper, solid hiking boot.

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How do I know if I have the correct size?

So you have bought a pair of sheepskin footwear and maybe you think they are too tight? Sheepskin is one of those unusual materials of which there is no equivalent. Most people know that leather shoes stretch. Well with sheepskin shoes, this happens even more so. A good fit means the shoe is nice and firm – almost and we mean almost to the point of being a little uncomfortable. This is because they stretch. Another key factor is that wool compresses with your weight. You might start with 5mm plus wool poking at your toes from all angles but soon you will find the wool flattening leaving more room. With some styles, such as the Classic Boots, the toe area will dome up at the front, moulding to the shape of your feet. Refer to our sizing chart at the time of ordering for more help.

Do you sell the UGG Australia ® sheepskin boots?

Australian manufacturers get this question regularly and the answer  is NO! We are not affiliated to the US company that own the UGG Australia brand – called Deckers. If you are after a genuinely Australian made pair of ugg boots (generic term in Australia), look for the green and gold tag that represents Australian Made for peace of mind.

The word Ug,Ugh,Ugg has been associated with a style (not brand) of footwear for arguably 100 years in Australia so you will find many people advertising ug,ugg or ugh boots. The word ugg is found in the Macquarie Dictionary. Most of the UGG Australia production occurs in China and not in Australia.

Do not be fooled! If you want genuine sheepskin, ugg/ugh/ug boots buy the ones made here in Australia!!!!!!!! To learn more visit the Australian Sheepskin Association.

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We won!

We won!!! UGGS-N-RUGS ® were successful in having IP Australia (the Australian trade mark’s office) declare that the word/s ug / ugh and ugg are interchangeable and are generic words used to describe sheepskin boots.

Another Aussie Manufacturer


We began selling our sheepskin boots under our name Uggs-N-Rugs back in the late ’70’s. Ugg boots were going through a fashion resurgence. We had just come off a farm and wanted to do something farming related so we started manufacturing our own brand of ugg boots. The footwear have become what they are now because the rest of the world saw their potential. Ironically some offshore brands use the word ‘Australia’ in them presumably to draw a link back to their origins. We are proud to promote other manufacturers with a similar history.

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