How one pair of ugg boots were swapped for a gold nugget.

When having a chat about life as an ugg boot manufacturer, Bruce McDougall recalled an investment that has definitely paid off today. He said, “Some years ago a chap in Kalgoorlie wanted a pair of uggs and offered to pay with a gold nugget, which I accepted and I still have it.  It weighs 10 grams and today is worth about $AUD 550.00.”  One pair of ugg boots swapped for a gold nugget has definitely paid off!

Western Australian Goldfields

Believe it or not in the goldfields of Western Australia the “wild west” and bartering still exists.  Even today there are many people in Australia, from all walks of life, who prospect for gold either as a hobby or a living and large nuggets still turn up occasionally. Some of the largest gold nuggets in the world have been found in the West Australian goldfields.

This gold nugget was used as payment for a pair of ugg boots

This gold nugget was used as payment for a pair of ugg boots

The photo above, shows Bruce McDougall holding the gold nugget which is large enough to fill his wedding band.

Ugg Boots

Genuine ugg boots must be made from real sheepskin. They generally have the skin side on the outside and the wool side on the inside and are considered to be excellent at keeping feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.