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As we no longer sell our own products, UGGS-N-RUGS does not participate in the actual receipt and processing of any of your orders. As such, if you wish to contact your supplier directly, you need to use the contact details from their website.

We won!

We won!!! UGGS-N-RUGS ® were successful in having IP Australia (the Australian trade mark’s office) declare that the word/s ug / ugh and ugg are interchangeable and are generic words used to describe sheepskin boots.

Another Aussie Manufacturer


We began selling our sheepskin boots under our name Uggs-N-Rugs back in the late ’70’s. Ugg boots were going through a fashion resurgence. We had just come off a farm and wanted to do something farming related so we started manufacturing our own brand of ugg boots. The footwear have become what they are now because the rest of the world saw their potential. Ironically some offshore brands use the word ‘Australia’ in them presumably to draw a link back to their origins. We are proud to promote other manufacturers with a similar history.

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