Uggs-N-Rugs History

The following is a transcript for this YouTube video:


My name is Bronwyn and I’d like to tell you how we started out in the ugg boot business.

In 1977, due to the economic conditions, we decide to sell our farm in Quindanning – south of Perth – and come back to Perth to live.

There was my husband Bruce, our twins Alex and Michelle (who were seven years old) and our two-year old daughter Fiona.

We decided we’d buy a yacht and sale the Pacific so we bought a 36 foot steel hull which we had to do a lot of work on, spent six months working on it and unfortunately it turned out that both the cat and I got seasick so the furtherest we got to sail was Rottnest which is about 18 kilometres off the coast of Perth.

We then decided we needed an income and at that stage the Farmers Market at Midland was about to open. As it was a Farmers Market and the promoters were looking for farm related products, we decided to sell ugg boots. We went to a supplier, set up our stall and started selling. Unfortunately, the quality was not quite what we had anticipated so we decided that we’d probably have to make our own. There was an auction where there was a fur overlocker for sale and Bruce went off to the auction and came home with the machine. The first pair of slippers took me three days to make and that was the beginning of 35 years of manufacturing under the name of Uggs-N-Rugs.

Thank you.